BFG RCOC (Rules & Code Of Conduct)


We understand that our members have life outside of the Clan, and we strongly believe that real life issues always comes first but we’d appreciate it if you can inform us ahead of time just in case you will be gone for a while.

As it is hard to guess whether you’re just busy preparing for your Board Examinations or perhaps taking a nice vacation in The Bahamas so by letting us know before you take the plunge would be greatly appreciated! 😉

In order to keep our numbers reasonable and maintain the productivity within BFG, we are strictly enforcing the 15 / 30 Days Inactivity Policy for all BFG Members. Kindly check the BFG Membership Inactivity Policy  for more info.



Be respectful towards fellow BFG Members and other players as well. Respect everyone’s differences and treat each other like family.
It is mandatory for all BFG Members to show tolerance and absolute respect to one another and our allies.

There will be disagreements, but respecting one another keeps it from becoming a drama which will NOT be tolerated. If disagreements occurs, immediately consult one of our BFG Officers so it can be worked out at the soonest time possible.

We do NOT tolerate improper and racist behavior, we take this matter seriously.

If any BFG Member is reported for harassment, trash talking, provocation or bullying of another player, whether In-Game, via TeamSpeak, Forums, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Etc) or in Private Messaging, Immediate disciplinary actions will be taken as deemed appropriate up to and including bans from accessing our TeamSpeak / Game Server / Services and/or permanent revocation of your BFG Membership.



We have Absolute Zero Tolerance for members of the clan that are causing issues with other members or the Clan as a whole. We are here to have fun in a game, so be on your best behavior.

We understand that there are issues associated with any game, but please do not spew negativity or start arguments, as it will bring everyone down and take away the joy of the game.

Our BFG Officers are more than happy to address any member’s concerns as long as they are addressed through private messages or private one-on-one discussion on TeamSpeak. Not only does this allow us to address your problems quicker and more efficiently, it also prevents fights and useless debates from breaking out within the Clan.

You will only be warned once by our BFG Officers, If you continue to cause drama you will be permanently removed from the Clan which includes bans from accessing our TeamSpeak, Game Server, Website, Forums and other Vital Clan Resources.



We are very proud of our clan and what we stand for, and for that, we expect every member to feel the same.

When you are chatting in game, posting in forums or other social media, you are acting as a representative of our Clan as you carry the [BFG] Tag with you all the time. Please avoid being whiny, annoying, problematic, or disrespectful in these situations.

Once one of our members makes our Clan look bad, people will assume that all of our members behave like that. Not only does it damage your reputation as an individual, it also damages the Clan’s reputation as a whole.

If you did something wrong like caused a flame war or get into a heated argument with other players, please let a BFG Officer know about the issue at the soonest time possible. If you inform us ahead of time, we can better defend you or at the least are aware of it so we are not blindsided when the issue is brought to our attention.

If you do not inform us and it blows into a huge fiasco, then expect the worst!

Any BFG Member proven to cause damage to the Clan’s reputation will have your BFG Membership revoked immediately.



TeamSpeak is mandatory for all BFG Members when Online / In-Game. NO Exceptions!

BFG Members that are Online/In-Game but not logged in to our TeamSpeak will be given up to Three (3) Warnings to comply or risk having your BFG Membership revoked. (Unless you have a disability or other personal issues in which case we will work out something unique case to case basis.)

When you set up your TeamSpeak, please create your TeamSpeak name to be the same as your IGN (In-Game Name).

Please use the following format for quick identification purposes:
EG: [BFG] In-Game Name | First Name, [BFG] TrollGuy88 | John

The BFG TeamSpeak server will have multiple channels for those that would like to be less social than others, Although we promote a social environment where members can know one another and friendships can be made and maintained.

We strongly suggest that you get to know your team-mates and familiarize their voices as this would be very helpful during Clan Wars / Clan Operations / Raids.

We also suggest members avoid sexually oriented, religious and political topics in our public channels. If unavoidable, you may use one of the VIP Private Rooms or request for a Private Room to be created to suite your “needs”. Make every effort to choose your words carefully and make intelligent decisions when you speak.

When we all get excited and slips happens, Some members will find it offensive, as many of us have younger family members listening or watching nearby. If what you are saying becomes a problem and once our BFG Officers receive repeated complaints from members about your behavior, then disciplinary actions will be taken.

For instructions on how to set up or to know more about BFG TeamSpeak please visit this PAGE .



“Fortius Quo Fidelius” means “Strength Through Loyalty”.

We do our best to keep a tight-knit group of people who care about each other and the Clan as a unified force, a common place for us all to gather and fight back-to-back against whatever challenges lies ahead.

To this institution we rely on the loyalty of our members to do what is right to further the cause and objective of the Clan. If the Clan wins, you win. If the Clan gets a Reward (Premium Items, Etc) then it must be distributed equally among the members of the Clan. If we are all in sync and working together as a team then we will all prosper in our adventure.

If you are more concerned with yourself, your own needs, then this is NOT the Clan for you.

As a BFG Member, you agree that you will protect the assets, resources and classified information of our Clan and will NOT disclose it to anyone outside of the Clan. Any BFG Member proven to be in breach of this agreement will be subjected to having their BFG Membership terminated immediately and will also receive a Lifetime Ban from joining BFG and its allies as well.

Joining other Clan(s) (Multi-Clanning) other than BFG on games played by BFG is strictly NOT allowed. (IE: As a BFG Member on World of Tanks then you are NOT allowed to join another World of Tanks Clan and/or ArmA 3 Clan, War Thunder Clan, Warframe Clan. However, you may still join another Clan/Guild on World of Warcraft.)

Any BFG Member proven to be in breach of this agreement will be given Two (2) Days to pick which Clan he/she will stick with or will be subjected to having their BFG Membership terminated.

You are encouraged to think very carefully before leaving the Clan because if you are looking to join BFG again you must submit a new application, go through the whole recruitment process all over again and there is a chance that your application might be rejected based on your past performance records.

You are only allowed to leave the Clan twice and re-join before you are prohibited from ever joining BFG again.



BFG Members: We expect all BFG Members to Act Maturely, follow the BFG RCOC (Rules & Code Of Conduct) and to respect the BFG Chain of Command.

Breaking the BFG Chain of Command shows lack of respect for authority and will be treated as a serious offense.

Be creative and positive! If you have ideas for improvement or suggestions, feel free to talk to any BFG Officers or you can also submit your ideas via the CONTACT page of our website.

A common failure many applicants fail to recognize is that joining a Clan requires much more commitment than just playing a game. BFG Members need to all work together for the common good.

Once you are a part of BFG, you are now part of a much bigger experience than just yourself and there is no point to your presence in our Clan if you are not going to attempt to assist or interact with your fellow Clan members and/or participate in Official Clan Events / Operations.

Have willingness to learn, and to admit defeat. Learn from your mistakes and make necessary adjustments in order for the Clan to be successful. Any member who participates in a Clan War / Clan Operation / Raid is expected to receive constructive criticism from the Commanders in a friendly and receptive manner.

You are expected to use this criticism as a tool to help you perform better in the game. We aim NOT to make the same mistake twice!

BFG Officers: Representing BFG as an Officer is a highly valued privilege that requires a lot of responsibility.

It is your job to enforce the rules and encourage productivity within the Clan.

As a BFG Officer, people will always be looking for you. If you are absent at an Officer’s Meeting or Clan Related Activities, your peers will assume the worst. Oftentimes you will have a good reason to be absent, but always manage your time wisely. Your presence has a positive impact.

TEAMWORK: Work and communicate with other BFG Officers within the Clan. Do not isolate yourself, Remember that you are part of a team and the absence of teamwork is degrading and destructive.

Be constructive and share your ideas on anything you’ve noticed within the Clan that needs extra attention. Exercising initiative is the hallmark of an effective BFG Officer. Initiative, or the lack thereof, will demonstrate whether or not you can be relied upon.

Also important is keeping the BFG Chain of Command informed. If you fail to complete a task assigned to you despite your best efforts, provide the BFG High Command with a Situation Report. The BFG High Command should not have to pull information from you.

If you are found to be abusing your power which includes unnecessarily kicking of members from servers, unfair treatment, favoritism or harassing our members will be subjected to disciplinary actions, suspension and/or termination of your BFG Membership as well as access to all BFG Systems and Services.



BFG has a Zero Tolerance policy for cheating, hacking/exploits of any type and scams.

This rule covers players who use code to manipulate a particular game for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other teams and players. Wall Hacks, Speed Hacks and Aim Bots are just examples of the types of cheats covered by this agreement. “Testing” or “Trying Out” Hack Programs are NOT accepted excuses.

To make it short, “Do Not Install or Use Hacks for any Reason“.

Attempts at defrauding another member or player by gaining their trust; also called “scamming” is absolutely not tolerated in BFG.

This includes unfair trades, swapping of account information, acquiring in-game items or any other possession from another member or player through misinformation, confusion or other tricks to fool another member or player in to giving up their in-game items / account in exchange for nothing or less than the mutually agreed upon conditions set by both parties prior to the exchange / trade.

Any BFG Member caught / reported using hacks, cheating or scamming other members / players will be reported to the Game Developer(s) and will have their BFG Membership terminated as well as access to all Clan Systems and Services.

Violation of this rule will also result to a Lifetime Ban and your information be shared to our allies and/or any third party, whenever deemed necessary.



Unless specified otherwise, any violation of the BFG RCOC (Rules & Code of Conduct) will be disciplined using a “Three Strikes System”.

On your First Offense, you will receive a Specific and Detailed Warning from any of our BFG Officers.

On your Second Offense, you will be requested to attend a hearing along with the BFG High Command Officers and depending on the outcome of the hearing; you may be given a temporary suspension from the Clan.

On your Third Offense, you may be given another temporary suspension or permanent termination of your BFG Membership depending on the severity of the violation(s) and as determined by the BFG High Command Officers.

If a BFG Member with previous offenses show good behavior for a period of Six (6) Months after their First or Second offense, their strikes will be reset back to Zero (0).


I, (Insert Your Name), acknowledge that I have read the BFG RCOC (Rules & Code Of Conduct) and understand my obligations as a BFG Member to comply with the Principles, Policies and Laws outlined in the BFG RCOC (Rules & Code Of Conduct), including any future amendments made by Brotherhood of Filipino Gamers.

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