BFG Membership Inactivity Policy

In order to keep our numbers reasonable and maintain the productivity within BFG, we are strictly enforcing the 15 / 30 Days Inactivity Policy for all BFG Members.

We will be removing members who have not logged into the game at all in over Fifteen (15) Days however, you may extend your inactivity period for up to a maximum of Thirty (30) Days by filling out the Inactivity Request Form below.

This policy is intended to avoid removing members taking short term breaks from the game for Personal Reasons, Vacations, etc, while still maintaining an active player base as well as freeing up slots for new recruits.

If a BFG Member needs to take a break from the game for any reason, they are welcome to drop from the Clan at their own accord if they wish to do so.

Being removed for inactivity will not count towards the BFG RCOC Chapter VI. LOYALTY & TRUST nor affect a member’s ability to apply to rejoin BFG later on.

Very rarely, when someone who has contributed a significant amount to BFG, normally as a BFG Officer or BFG Members with Special Ranks may be given a Long Term Inactive (LTI) status, meaning they will not be removed for inactivity. However, this is something that is gifted rather than requested.

To Rejoin BFG / Reactivate your BFG Membership, you should go to the BFG Membership Application  page and select the BFG Division you wish to rejoin and select the Membership Reactivation (Returnee) as the Type of Application.

Inactivity Request Form

Please fill out the form below with the required information
and we will review your Inactivity Request at the soonest time possible...

= Denotes Required Field
NOTE: Maximum of Thirty (30) Days from Start Date.

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