Brotherhood of Filipino Gamers [BFG]

Professionalism | Integrity | Competence

About BFG:

Brotherhood of Filipino Gamers [BFG] is a professional gaming organization formed in 2013 to serve the rapidly growing Filipino online gaming community.

BFG was created with the main aims of being open, fair, and fun! We are based in the Philippines (GMT+8 Timezone) but welcome members from all over the world, some from as far away as South Korea and North America.

BFG have official clan divisions in games such as World of Tanks Asia, ArmA 3, War Thunder and WarFrame but is not only limited to these games as the clan plans to expand to other games as well. So keep a lookout for that in the future!

What Is It Like Being In BFG:

It’s too cliché to go and say that we are amazing and we always have fun with everyone! While we try to push the limits of the games and see what we can do with it, it is the people around you that you actually enjoy playing with that keep us interested and coming back for more.

BFG RCOC (Rules & Code Of Conduct):

The BFG RCOC clarifies the standards we expect our members to follow and the behaviors we expect them to adopt in line with our core values of “Professionalism, Integrity and Competence“. Click HERE to read our RCOC.

BFG Theme Song:

Click HERE to listen to our Clan Theme Song.

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Official Clan BFG Divisions

[BFG] Warframe

[BFG] ArmA 3

[BFG] World of Tanks SEA

[BFG-A] World of Tanks SEA

[BFG] War Thunder

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[BFG] Steam Community:

Official Clan BFG Facebook PageOfficial Clan BFG Twitter

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